Donald Trump:  Truth vs. Fiction


By Dr Sherman Jackson

Is Donald Trump a pathological liar?  The answer is an unequivocal yes and I challenge his supporters to prove otherwise.

Let us examine the birther movement of which Trump has become the face and leader.  It really does not matter who started the movement, the fact remains that for five years Trump and supporters challenged the legitimate birth rights of Barrack Obama, who had been duly elected President of the United States in a nationwide referendum in 2008 and 2012.  The birtherites tried to nullify Obama’s election based on the superfluous claims he was not an American born citizen and a Muslim. Was the birtherism movement racially motivated? Once again, the answer is yes.

Historically speaking, the first seven presidents of America were foreign.  Centuries later, not one scholar nor layman has challenged the birth rights of any these men from George Washington to Andrew Jackson. Why?  Mainly, because they were white.

Why is it when the first African American was elected to the highest office in American, his birth right was challenged by Trump and supporters?  Apparently with Trump and supporters, race does matter. Here is the irony of the birther movement, Trump recently took credit for putting an end to the birther right movement with the sentence “I finished it”.

What did he finish, a deplorable and outrageous movement that had no credibility whatsoever? Trump had the audacity to remark that he did America a favor by getting President Obama to release his birth certificate. After five year of perpetuating the birther lies, Trump has admitted Obama is an American.

Despite Trump’s admission, many in his camp still believe Obama is foreign born and a Muslim. The birther movement was insulting and demeaning to both President Obama and the Americans who elected him.  It has left racial and religious scars that will take decades to heal.  The birther movement created a history, a chapter in racial history that does not end with the simple sentence “ I finished it”.

Once again, I challenge Trump and supporters to prove he did not lead a movement based on lies. Unfortunately, Trump has used these and other lies to gain political prominence. He has become the 21st Century reincarnation of Houdini to his supporters.  They have become believers in his illusory magic.

Another reason, Trump is a pathological liar is his promise to build a mythical wall between the United States and Mexico.  A Congressional study has estimated such a wall would cost nearly forty-nine billion dollars ($49,000,000,000).  Where will the money come from? Trump has said Mexico will pay for the wall.  The thinking is money will be taken from immigrants who send money to relatives in Mexico. If Trump plans to deport these immigrants, how will he collect money to pay for the wall?

There are complex privacy problems assorted with building this mythical wall that would result in a multitude of court cases creating legal situations that could last for years. Then there are diplomatic consequences that would create friction between Mexico and the United States.   How does Trump plan to handle these unforeseen and complicated issues?

Trump’s answers are too simplistic.

The wall is an illusory dream that can only be built through the magic of Houdini and Trump is no Houdini.

Another reason why Trump is a pathological liar is rooted in his proposal to deport undocumented immigrants. Trump has said in his first hour as President two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) illegals would be gone from the United States.  He has failed to provide any explanations how he would accomplish this magical feat. Many of the illegals have American born families.  An American born cannot be deported from the United States.

I challenge Trump and supporters to prove otherwise.

Sherman Jackson, Ph. D. is an American Constitutional History and Law Professor (Emeritus), Miami University. Email:


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