Normalizing the Abnormal?

“I had to grope around in the darkness before I see the light.”

By Carl Gilbert

Grabbing women by their p…y

I Could … Shoot Somebody, And I Wouldn’t Lose Any Voters’

They are all rapists, on Mexicans…

Let’s us ban them all until we know what’s the hell going on, on Muslims…

You live in poverty, your schools are no good…What’s the hell you have to lose, on blacks…

‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails’ of Clinton

All of these statement above …, among others, are the nasty and terrible things that the Republican nominee has said …. In the course of his campaign for the presidency of the United States.


Those statements if they were pronounced by another candidate would have doomed him or her for the rest of his or her political career, perhaps forever.

Yet, his audiences love them, those egregious things! Talking to a NPR reporter about one of those horrible things the candidate said, a Trump supporter replied ‘Yeah, sometimes he makes me cringe, but I still like him and I still think he’s the right thing for America.’ ”

Donald Trump, being the NORMALIZER in CHIEF of all these disqualifiers, went on to win the GOP nomination.

We must recognize other normalizers who help propel Trump closer to the White House.

Here are the names that come to mind:  Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan,  Reince Preibus, Mike Pence, Marco Rubio. There are others. In the 10 most competitive Senate races, five Republicans are still supporting Trump: Sen. Richard Burr in North Carolina, Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and Indiana Rep. Todd Young, running for the open seat there.

In short, almost the entire leadership of the Republican Party has come to force a significant sector of the American electorate to accept as “normal” what in American politics people of common sense characterize as gaffes, misstatements, lies, outlandish claims ever said by an American politician.  You would think that Trump would have shown some respect for them,the fellow normalizers.  Not at all, become he called a few of them “self-righteous hypocrites”.

Hypocrites, they are indeed! Because how to explain the fact that the Grand Old Party, the party of family values, national security, respect for the military, strength against Russia, law and order comes to accept this normalization of all the oddities coming from their nominee candidate Trump?


Is it going to be the new normal for somebody to be able to grope women by their p…y because he is a star?

Is it going to be the new normal for someone to make fun of handicapped people with impunity?

Is it going the new normal for individuals to go many years without paying federal taxes without any worry for the expenditure of the country?

Is it going to be the new normal for people not to have any respect for our military, our prisoners of war, the families of people who lost their children, husbands, wives,  and other dear relatives fighting for our freedom and common values?

Is it going to be the new normal for fellow Americans to denigrate other ethnic groups without any guilt feeling?

Is it going to be the new normal for a US president to abandon our allies and embrace instead traditional enemies of America?

These are the questions and other pertinent ones you should ask yourselves before deciding to vote for Donald Trump.

Normalizing the abnormal cannot “make America great again,” it can only put the country we all love on a slope of no return.

Carl Gilbert

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