How Fear and Ignorance Birth The Unpredictability in America!

When all institutions are under the dictate  of a single thought or a single party, I mean the 3 powers of the state, legislative / judicial / executive, the citizen becomes a hero. In fact, the last shield to defend freedom. Montesquieu, Hobbes, and Fanon are in danger. “

By Joel Leon

In the beginning, I had the perception that the 2016 presidential election was a no-brainer. And that, Hillary Clinton, would make a mouthful of the Republican competitor and enters history as the first woman elected to the presidency of the United States. Also in the line of Barak Obama who became the first black American president 8 years ago, in 2009. This introspection was due to the reactionary speeches of conservative candidates in the primary of the Republican Party. They were all war mongers, extremely xenophobic, furiously denouncing immigration, exasperated against Islam, and at times brutally racist. I was not the only one to have that inkling because traditionally the average Americans vote in the middle.


Mitt Romney, the former 2012 Republican loser candidate had the unpleasant experience, and summarized his election failure as follows: “I think the biggest mistake I made; I was not concentrating early enough on minority voters.”

Katie Packer Gage, former campaign manager for Mr. Mitt Romney shared this same documented reflection: “Candidates perceived as anti-immigration will start the general election with a disadvantage of 24 points among likely voters …”. Definitely, immigration was an important factor in these specific US elections. All the evidence supporting my reading of political theater was ill-calculated. For other much more fundamental and profound reasons, the minds of “deep America’’ have been deeply occupied.

After the catastrophic end of the brief doctrine, described as a “third way” in Europe in the 2000s (marked by Bill Clinton, Tony Blaire and Lionel Jospin), the extreme right reappears. Since then, populist leaders have continued to threaten the post-war political citadel dated to 1945. With millions of refugees invading the lands of the West in recent years, the old racist demons take advantage of this new actuality to claim power. Jörg Haider almost took the power in Hungary; Jean Mary Lepen (father of Marine Lepen), during the year 2002 was in the second round of the French presidential election. On May 23, 2016, Norbert Hofer was on the verge of winning the Austrian elections; Marine Lepen, leader of the “Front National” retains a good chance to win the French presidential in 2017, in France. Many people thought that the United States was immune to this extreme right-wing plague. It was well counted, but ill-calculated!

Demography and Immigration

Many progressive thinkers are deluded by the alleged links between Vladimir Putin, the master of Moscow, and Donald Trump, president-elect of the United States of America as a flicker of hope. They are two men of different cultures and experiences. Putin made his debut in the aisles of the Soviet Communist Party, then in the ranks of the KGB as colonel of intelligence; Trump, a born capitalist, his favorite interest is the art to accumulate fortunes. Therefore, the juxtaposition is of a strategic order based on cultural ramifications, empty of any progressive ideological inclination. The two people, as well as all from Western countries, have in common the specter of the prediction of “2050“.

United Nations department of economics and social affairs (UNDESA) expected a turning point regarding world population by 2050. It is predicted that the Russian population will decrease from 143 million today to 114 million. Currently, 197 million people in the United States are white, accounting for 67% of the population, and therefore constitute a large majority. By 2050, they will decline to 47%, consequently a minority. Nicholas Eberstadt, a demography specialist, made the following projection: “In 1995 the estimate of the population of Europe and Africa was almost exactly equal. By 2050, by these projections, Africans would exceed Europeans by more than 3 to 1 “. Jose Angel Gutierrez, a professor of political science in the state of Texas, elegantly translates the Western anguish as follows: “We have an aging white population. They are no longer babies. So they disappear. The inhabitant’s explosion is in our population (Mexico). They shit out of fear in their pants. I love it.” The undeniable reality is that the West stops to give birth. In the meantime, Asia, Africa, and Latin America continue to bring millions of children into the world, accordingly to the book of Genesis chapter 17: 6.

The West countries are experiencing depopulation that has been haunted them for decades; the only viable solution is to admit a great community of immigrants to fulfill the consequences inherent to industrialization. However, they intend to fill up this emptiness according to their own terms. The only dilemma is that the world is no longer what it used to be when we introduced slavery in America during the 16th century. If neo-liberalism has replaced slavery, people are no longer the innocents of the recent past. They react differently, and in accordance with their interests. The impoverishment of the peripheral countries, the fomented civil wars, the destabilization of unfriendly governments, produce unforeseen effects. The most dazzling of them is the flow of refugees. The immigrants do not wait for invitations like in the 60s; they invite themselves to the Western nations. Some observers think they go where their wealth are stolen and piled up. The Haitians stormed the coast of Florida; the Mexicans scaled the barbed wire of “Tijuana“, the Africans and the Mediterranean invaded Europe.

The consequence is obvious. The extreme right, starting from this human wave arriving and staying “illegally” in western countries, finds the fatal weapon to twist the weak-minded. Now, populism discovers the ideal target to blame all the problems that strike their country. Exploiting that advantageous reality, the extreme right is advancing to the Europe continent, and seizing power at the very heart of the capital of the so-called civilizing world.

Race and Culture

The United States of America has a wide population of 324,707,000 inhabitants, 197 million are white (including immigrants from Europe and the Middle East), representing 67.7 percent of the total population. On November 4, 2008, a sudden event happened in the United States. Barack Obama, the charismatic black senator from the state of Illinois, was elected president in opposition to Senator Hillary Clinton. In my humble opinion, it looks like white America was in a lethargic state, and then woke up on January 20, 2009, to find a direct descendant of Africa to the White House.

It was a white cataclysm!

America was stunned by this awesome coup. Caught unprepared, White America was preparing its revenge. This faction of society saw with annoyance the presence of Michelle and Barak Obama accompanied by their daughters living in the White House, the building that represents the highest symbol of racial domination. The citadel had been taken by assault, and invaded by astuteness, without firing a shot. It has to be recovered. In fact, Pamela Taylor of West Virginia expresses loudly what millions of people think in a low voice, namely, “It will be refreshing to have an elegant, beautiful and dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels (Michelle Obama). “The vengeance must be remarkable, spectacular and unambiguous by placing the cynicism in power!

As Donald Trump embarked on a particularly pro-fascist diatribe, his popularity grew exponentially. He became a half-god. Thousands of people traveled to listen to him. He reflects the aspiration of a large fringe of American society. which Richard Nixon liked to call “silent majority“, to describe the defectors from the Democratic Party who, after the signing of the civil rights agreement by Lyndon Johnson in 1964, forsaken it.

Donald Trump’s vote reflects this aspect of American life. In a few words, “the worm is in the fruit”. The social contract concluded in 1865, after the cruel war of secession is expired. It is necessary to redefine the political and cultural parameters of the different entities that inhabit the country. The United States ceased to be formally a united Christian nation under one God for several decades. The Supreme Court, although conservative, does ratify anti-Christian laws, such as same-sex marriage. Liberals and Conservatives are constantly confronting each other on all accounts, which make the cohabitation very perilous, sometimes impossible to manage.

This cultural mixture, called melting pot, denounced with loquacity by the conservatives has reached its culmination point. They warn against the redefinition of the American identity if there is one left. To accomplish this heavy task, they must resort to extreme means, including violence and isolationism. Imagine America “the civilizing people”, now to preserve its culture does not hesitate to lock itself up in a cage, far from the forthcoming immigrants. We forget that exchanges between peoples worldwide are not a one-way street. From Marco Polo, through Christopher Columbus to Jacques Cousteau, civilizations have always intermingled to create a symbiosis.

We are in the aftermath of the new world that John Lennon sang in “Imagine“:

Imagine that there is no country/It’s not hard to do/No reason to kill or die for/And no religion either/Imagine all people/Living in peace

On 30 June 1991 apartheid was abolished in South Africa. A date that, despite its greatness in the annals of the struggle for “the season of men” symbolizes also an ultimate humiliation for many. It announces the beginning of the end of a long reign that the “fearful whites” constantly warn against his arrival. The Zimbabwean event also frightens much of the white population that dominates the wealth, culture and international monopoly of violence. For them, Matthew 20:16 takes the human form, and threatens their domination in the world. Fear is a key element in the arsenal of ideological and political manipulation of the weak minded masses.

This American cultural war has now reached its highest point. Conservative circles, trapped in the defensive for more than half a century, are fighting back very hard. “The best way to win a war is to go on the offensive.” The problem is that Trump is not a true conservative. This burden to bring the union back to the great traditional values of the founding fathers should be guided by an authentic ideologue, not a salesman. So the victory of 8 November 2016 is ephemeral. Its survival is already widely contradicted. History never backtracks. Those who feast today, weep tomorrow. Besides, the resistance of the citizens is already visible on the streets of many cities in America. When all institutions are under the dictates of a single thought or a party, I mean the 3 powers of the state, legislative / judicial / executive, the citizen becomes a hero. It’s the last shield to defend freedom for all in America. Montesquieu, Hobbes, and Fanon are at risk. Democracy is at an impasse in the heart of America.

Finally, many can consider other justification about the real nature of this crisis that threatens American society from the inner self. Is it not the corollary manifestation of a much deeper crisis? Is it not the beginning of the decline of American hegemony? These contradictions, as I have described them above, show signs of uncontrollable contradictions. If this is the case, the world should be prepared for a widespread crisis, since any decline of this magnitude can lead to a domino effect.

Joel Leon


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